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A. L. Anthony


A Morgan

My Savior

Aaron Atkinson

Remembering Elisha Atkinson
What happened to My Car?
What is the Matrix?

Aaron L. White

Cool Waters Run
Kiss Me Again
Of Form and Phonetics
On the Verge
Untitled #18
Writer's Block

Abbey K.

The Playground

Adam Bianchi

Love Between the Distance

Adam D. Olson

Home Improvement

Adam Gilson

Beckoning Waves
Dance Upon Earthen Stage
Falling Still
Interpret At Your Own Risk
Look Away
Sour Cream
Thousand Year Wait
Three Men
Worst Poem
Your Back Again

Adam Herring


Adriana Mosoiu


Afiah Yahya

Where Are You

Alan Dittrich

The Best Policy

Albert Novikov


Alby Malinger

Save Your Face

Aleah Gibson

Not a chance to regret

Alex Brown

My Testament - Novel Excerpt

Alex Caine

An Eye For An Eye
Just For the One You Love
This Life of Mine

Alex Lawrence

I Guess

Alexander Palana

Footprints Beside Me


A Friend of Mine

Alice C. Bateman

A Blade of Grace
A Candle in a Dirty Glass
A Dream
A House of Her Own
A Lesson In Endurance
A Prayer
A Simple Handshake Ch 1
A Simple Handshake Ch 2
A Simple Handshake Ch 3
A Simple Handshake Ch 4

A Simple Handshake Ch 5
A Simple Handshake - Ch 6
A Simple Handshake - Ch 7
A Simple Handshake - Ch 8

A Simple Handshake - Ch 9
A Simple Handshake - Ch 10
A Simple Handshake - Ch 11
A Simple Handshake - Ch 12
A Tiny Inch In Time
All Will Be Well

Always Wanting More
America The Brave
Another Lifetime
As You and I've Agreed
Ask for Prayer
At the End of the Century
Be a Better Man
Before We Kill Our Host
Blood Red Sun
Bright Parrot

Calling the Unicorn
Celibacy as an Empowering Choice
Cold Hard Steel
Compelled to Wander
Cut the Tape
Dead at Thirty-five
Delete the Loneliness Track
Depression and the Holiday Season
Drowning in You

Ear of the Heart
Feed the Children
For Our Suffering and Dying Pleasure
Four Part Harmony
Four Rainbows For A Lifetime
Fragment of Reflection
Give This World a Shake
God Don't Grow No Drugs

God Made a Child Start
God is Eternal
Hanging in the Lurch
How It Is Today
Hug Them Now
I Am Just an Instrument
I Give This Day
I'm Going To Delete You

I Need Myself
I Want
If We Ever Get To Dance
In A Long Ago Time
In Memory of John F. Kennedy Jr.
In The Company of Genius
Is It Really Worth It
It Could Be Very Sweet
It Happens Every Day
It Isn't Just a Rumour

Judgment Day
Epilogue for Karen
Last Anniversary
Likely to Get Burned
Living Broke
Living In Fear
Living Like A Ghost
Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 1
Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 2

Mary Rose O'Donnell - Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 3
Mary Rose O'Donnell-  Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 4
Mary Rose O'Donnell-  Love Under Fire, The War Brides - Ch. 5
Me, Myself and I
Memory Bank
Midnight Tea
My Dreamland
My Grannie
My Own Worth
My Soul Craves Warmth

New Daddy
New Mommy
Nine Years
Oh My Soldier
Oh To Be a Fish
On My Little Girl's Birthday
On the Wings of Angels
One Poor Heart
One Whole Soul

Only Halfway There
Our Democracies
Our Very Souls Entwine
Phantom Lover
Poetry - What Is It?
Preface - In Her Terror
Pregnant and Proud
Purple Nurples
Reflections of a Lifetime
Riches That Start in the Heart

Rites of Fall
Romancing the Net
Ron's Mountain
Sadness - A Tribute to Slain Children
Saint Francis of Assisi
Say "I Work for God"
Secret Manoeuvres
See What Life Can Bring
Sides of Suicide

September 11, 2001
She Was a Beauty
Should We Restrict Ourselves to Writing for Money?
So Many Different Things
Some Days We Are The Flower
Star Gazing Stella
Story Behind New Daddy
Story Behind Another Lifetime
Take the You Out of Us
Thank You for the Phone Call

The Bottom Line
The Colours of Your Fate
The Earth Has a Cold
The Force
The Lightning and the Candle
The Moon Plays Peek-A-Boo
The Northern Lights
The Renewal of Spring
The Seeds of Love
The Star Called Love

The Things God Says
The Two-Legs
The Voices In Our Heads
The Wedding Poem
The White Undertaker
Therapeutic Writing
There Is Hope
This Story That's So Old
Three Shadows
Through the Portal of My Eyes

Time to Heal
To Mom and Dad
To Lady Diana
To The Never Born
Trying for Forever Again
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter One
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Two
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Three
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Four
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Five

Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Six
Twenty Fifty-Five; Prophecy or Science Fiction? - Chapter Seven
Thy Will Not My Will
Walking a Tightrope
We Are Not Beaten
We Pray
We Walk Alone
What Could Have Been
What if it Was Lettuce
What's Been on My Mind

Will All Be Well
Winds of Fate

Alice Sarmiento

Have You Ever? (Part One)
Have You Ever? (Part Two)
Have You Ever? (Part Three)
In the Darkness
Mind Games
My Mistake
Safe For The Moment (Part One)
Safe For The Moment (Part Two)
Safe For The Moment (Part Three)
The End?


Alisha Morgan

Dear Dad
For Those Not So Mathematically Inclined
For You
I'm Just Me
I'm Nobody

In A Dream
Mixed Emotions
Native Son:  An Essay

Not Here
Self-Reliance:  An Essay

Split Personality

The Blackness of a Deep Sleep
The Other Life
  To Be Me     
To Wish Is...

What Is It?

Alison Ware

Above the Land

Alissa Piccione

Poison Ivy


Cold Alley

Amanda Clark

Breaking Up

Amanda Gemski


Amanda Reynolds

Ice Age
Into The Night
Micky Fillet Employs A Butchers Boy!
More Than Just A Pale Memory
Old Mickey Fillet
Without You

Amanda Wagner

Alone in the world
Another Chance
Care or Not
Can't you see?

Good or Bad
I Cry
On the outside
Why Tonight?
Your Day

Amber A. Whitman

Homeless Hell
Secret Alien Nation
The Death of Angels

Amber E. Scott

Love Poem for Papa

Amber Johnson

Facing My Fears
More Than Just A Pale Memory
Time Stands Still

Amber Schamel

Foolish Princess

Amy Groat

False Twilight

Amy K. Burch

My Ocean

Amy Sailer

A Roman Drama

Amy Sorensen

A World Than Cannot Change
About the Beating Bush
All Our Fault
Fly Away
Look the Other Way
The Spider
The Creature of Passion

The Jury - Chapter One
The Jury - Chapter Two

The Jury - Chapter Three
The Ladybird
The Spider


When They Come To Me

Anait Salmanyan

Unfair War of September 11, 2001

Andre Morrissen


Andrea Doherty

My Shelter Within
Thank God I Am Female

Andrea Johnson

God Sent You
He Is
Life With You
To Be With You

Andree Halim

The Cruelness of Death



Andrew Brown

Brown Brothers' Bike Trip Across Canada
Kayaks in June

Andrew Lander

English Lesson
Highbury Fields


Andrew Lindquist 9B

Mrs. Hosking's English 2nd Hour

Andrew J. Waugh

I Drink and I Drive and I Don't Know Why

Angel Alvarenga

Dream Vision
Silent Mind

Angela Bridges 

Look Away

Angela Hope

Father's Presence
Mardi Gras Time in New Orleans
Naughty But Not So Nice

Angela Lee Annette

Dream Lover
Hell No
I am
Love Lost
No Regrets
Soul Mate
Stop The Bullying
The Road Ahead
The 7 Teachings
Think again
Wishful Thinking
What We Learn
You're Ugly Inside

Angela M. Daniels

What I Do

Anil Kumar S

Melbourne Blues

Ann Nixon

Growing Old

Ann Reinen

Family Loyalty... how far should it go?

Ann Bate

Lover's Prayer

Anne Bellah

A Soldier is Born
Mommy and Me at the Park
Take Care of Me
The Raindrop
Time Spent

Anna Trelles


Annie Robinson

Home Again Chapter One
The Wave

April Harden

Birth in This World

Apollo Batt

A Walk With Greek
Finding a Killer
Salem's Witches


Excerpt from X-Cali Poetry

Ashley M. Presutto

Take Two

Ashley Robinson

Deep Feelings
The Man I Love

Ashlie Nicole

A Night With Out Stars
Love Till The End Of Time
The Person I Run To

Ashton W.

I Think I Love

Ashwini Ahuja

Nasty Note
To Goggles
The Petty Mobile Phone
The Killing Machine

Augustine Ekhaiyeme

Don't Cry For Me


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