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I Drink and I Drive and I Donít Know Why


Andrew J Waugh

Its Friday night and the tunes are cranked
We all head out to get good and tanked
Going out to get the hottest girl
With a little liquor Iíll give her a whirl

With pockets full of change, and the bills all folded
Iím sure itís another night, we all get loaded
Down to the liquor store, to pick up the stuff
Now we all head out, to get a little fluff

We are off like the wind, squealing some tires
Going out back to start a few fires
To sit around and drink and chat
Talking and giggling over another flat

Soon the fires are burnt to the ground
We throw on some more and have another round
Soon there is arguing and a few fists flung
Nothing we canít solve with a little sip of Rum

Finally the night is nothing but a blur
With keys in hand we go with the flow
Everyone speeding and heading away
I look over at my special girl and she says no way

I follow the crowd swerving and squealing
And all of a sudden I get a bad feeling
The car gets over, and soon itís too late
Not knowing which one is the gas, and which is the brake

We go to the ditch, and its over too soon
Swearing and cursing, because I canít hear the tunes
I look over at my girl, and she fell fast asleep
I get out of the car, making sure not to say a peep

I hear the boys, squealing my way
They look at the car, and say get out of the way
With glass all broken, and paint job a smash
They head for their phones, in a pretty big flash

I look for my beer, but no where to be found
I must have lost it, out on the ground
Sirens are louder, and the feeling is back
I hope the cops donít give me to much flack

The Ambulance comes, with lights a bliss
My Girl is going to be mad, because look what she missed
The cops come, and look for the driver
I step forward, and move up beside her

She puts me in the back, to talk to me later
I look out the window, because I really hate her
They pull out my girl, and lay her on the stretcher
I should have been there, to hold her and catch her

Away we go, off like the wind
I lay in the back, and pop a few shems
Out the door, and in another
The whole time Iím thinking, what a bother

Early the next day, Iím awaken by "hey"
Only to wake up to a brand new day
She pushes and pulls, me all the way outside
Fingerprints and pictures, I think Iím going to die

Home again, home again, in the back of the car
What am I going to say, to the boys at the bar
Home for a shower, and then right back at 'er
Now I think about it, what about my car

Knock Knock comes at my door
Itís my best friend and pal next door
He mentioned the accident, and I said no prob
Then he mentioned she died and I began to sob

Two days later, and Iím at the funeral
So many stares, and pitiful looks
I walk to the casket with tears in my eyes
I canít believe, Iím the one that should die

I give her a kiss and lay down my school ring
Hoping to hear her let out a scream
Tears begin to stream and I begin to cry
The only thing that comes to my mind is a simple "Why"

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