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God Don't Grow No Drugs


Alice C. Bateman

I am ‘just an old hippy,’ so I keep being told. As such, I become involved in many discussions regarding what are and what are not drugs. In my opinion, what are given to us by God to maintain and enhance our bodily and spiritual functions, are not drugs.

The way I see it, anything that God has put here for our use is FOR OUR USE BY DIVINE CREATION AND DECISION. Who on Earth are these men who think they are above the laws of God, and can say we are not allowed to put to use a medicinal herb. Or the leaf of a tree, or a wild mushroom, if we so choose.

To my mind, God gave us this right by giving us these gifts. I believe that they may be necessary to our survival as a species. According to the Voice in my head {which is either God or my own Higher Self} Cannabis, or Marijuana, creates something {a gas, I guess} that, as trees produce oxygen, the Cannabis plants create and distribute something that we should be breathing in our oxygen mix.

This ‘something’ – no name has come yet – would make us a more calm and gentle people, less aggressive. We can use it for a sedative, a pain reliever, a poultice, for tea, or the leaves ground up and used as a grain substitute. Because it’s illegal, even for non-deadly medical purposes, all we get to do with it right now is smoke it. This makes absolutely no sense to me! And for this limited and furtive use of a God-given substance, we are then punished.







Who on Earth are any of you mortal men to COUNTERMAND GOD??


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I certainly hope what I have said here today has given you something to think about. Who has the right to tell us that we are not allowed to grow seeds that God gave us? Should not the rights we hold before God be a little more lofty and enforceable than those that man imposes on our protesting heads?

Do the Earth some good today. Help change the unbelievably foolish attitudes towards this issue.

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