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Ashlie Nicole


A Night With Out Stars

What's a night like without stars? Its like a tree without leaves and like a person without there soul mate. All these things complete one another. Its the way things work in life. So when the night has no stars it cry for them because that is what completes it. without the stars the night is not as beautiful and the night cannot be as happy without them. Just like a tree needs its leaves to be as bold and as beautiful as it is. Without them the tree has no life, no shade, no color. Are you seeing how things work in are world. Just like in noel's ark things are so much better in two. Just like a person is better with that special someone that they want to be love and be with. Every thing and every one has that special someone they just need to find them. Things like this take time peasants and courage. A person who has not yet to find there leaves or star fills like they need them right now which might be true but it takes time to find someone who fits with you just like the stars fit with the sky and the leaves fit with the tree. So when you find that special someone who fits you don't let them go fight for them love them and just be happy you are with them. Don't ask why they make you happy or why the littlest things my you so very happy. Just enjoy them being with you and being able to share the wonderful life with someone that you love and that loves you. So just think the night has it stars, the tree has its leaves and you will have your soul mate. But if you have yet to have found you soul mate don't rush it! in time it will come and hold your head up high and don't cry because you will find your star or leaves soon.

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