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The Person I Run To


Ashlie Nicole

The one I run to my best friend

I never really knew how much one person could mean to me. Till the day I knew that I could never see my life without him. I always needed to run to him when my small little girlie world seemed to be to much for me to handle on my own. He would always pick up the piece's and put them back into the right spot's somehow without asking. He could know just by looking at me something was wrong and then which seemed to amaze me was that he knew what it was. He is a big part of my world, heart and mind. I always need to know what he thinks before I make any chooses. I know that I could do all this by my self but it so much better when you have someone to help you. They say best friends don't always stay friend but I know deep down inside I will always have him as my best friend no matter how far apart we get or even if we stop talking. I know he will always lend a helping hand or ear if I ever need it. but as far as now goes I don't know what I would ever do without him! So what I have to say all and all I really never knew how much one person could change your life!

"many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave foot prints in you heart"

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