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Alice C. Bateman

It's been four months since you've been gone

You didn't say good-bye

Shall I assume you won't be back?

Shall I presume you died?


My own best friend did that to me

She didn't keep in touch

And when I thought I'd tracked her down

Well, it was just too much


They told me that she'd killed herself

My Karen, that I loved

She jumped off of a building

Did she turn into a dove?


Or did she feel it when she hit the ground?


Oh Karen, where are you?

I keep thinking it's just some bad joke

I keep seeing you sitting beside me

Happily sharing a smoke


That's why I have no telephone

Can't bring me no bad news

A sleepy Sunday morning

The phone rings, about you


It hurt me, and I'm hurting still

Why did you take your life

I know it's hard to live here

In a world so full of strife


But couldn't you have talked to me?

Back then I had a phone

I thought you knew I loved you

And you were not alone


You hurt me, hurt me, hurt me still

I'm sure that this will hurt until

I see you in a life that's yet to come

'Til I see you in a life that's yet to come

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