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L.J. Brown


L Sailaja

Teacher, Where Are The Towers?

Lana Star

The Ark Ch.1
The Ark Ch.2
The Ark Ch.3
The Ark Ch.4

Black Magic Ch.1
Black Magic Ch.2
Black Magic Ch.3
Black Magic Ch.4

Lance Sheldon


Laryalee Fraser

Toward Morning's Horizon
Rainbow Tears
Buttercup Dreams and Other Colors

Larisa Lora Schvartsman

Nothing Is Ever Enough
Or Love Will Get Bored
Purpose of the Heart
Sitting At My Feet
Soundless Words
Speak Your Love

To My First Born
Was it so Selfish?

Latisha Lyles

A Woman

Laura Beth

A Lost Friendship
Paralleled Life

Laura W


Lauren Gould

Lauren Heeke

The Boy Who Never Was
The Train Tracks

Lauren Schneider

Unanswered Questions

Leah Aplin

Under the Bed

Leetal L





Leigh Charest

Prologue to Unnamed Novel

Leisha Arnts 

The Wall

LeRoy Coffie

My Baby
Little Baby Poetry

Liam Brennan

Big Apple: Rotten to the Core
The Dark Ones
The Silent Inmate

Lil Juicy CC

Moving On

Lin Xinni

A Poem 4 U

Lin Xinying

Years Before, Only After

Linda Dousay

A Sign
A Will to Survive
For You
I Have a Dream
le dragon
Louisiana Laignappe
Mr. G's Latin E's
One Thousand Minutes More
On Heaven's Throne
Only Three Words
Papa's New Baby
Paved With Diamonds

Remember You?
Southern Comfort
The Ballad of Crazy Old Al
The Poet's Call
The Rainbow
The Sacrifice
The Seer
The Wonder of it All


A Hurting City
The Day of the Jolly Rancher

Lisa Bartley-Lacey

Black Man Why They Call You That
Fathers" Like You
Images of Mama
Like I Like
My Sistas' Skin
UnChained SphinX

Lisa Dennis

Stacking Hay

Lisa Ferrer

A Garden For Us
As I Walk
Angel Cast
47 Chestnut Street
Spell Caster
The Color Purple
The Visitor

Lisa Patton

Bobby Black Bird

Little Nikita

5 Little Poems
All I Want Is To Be Free
All I Want Is You
Angel Who Rescued Me
Angel (duet)
Angels By My Side
Baby Let Me Be The One
Deep Water
If I Had One More Day
Innocence of a Young Girl

Little Princess
Return to Innocence
Still in Love With You
Your Love
You Never Really Knew Me

Lizzie Keadan

Learning to Live

Lloyd Hudson Frye

Is There Anything Wrong Officer?
Billy Boy and Seabreeze

Lori-Anne Malonson


Lorna Bath

Hot Flash

Lorraine Zaleski

Silly Grandma

Louise Norlie

Toll Taker

Loyal Wray

A Simple Man
Holding Hands

Loyd David Burt

A Mother's Love
A New Day Dawning
Declaration of my Love
Leave a Whisper
Teacher Of Righteousness
The Kiss
The Rhythm of Life
The Octogenarian
Thoughts in a Flickering Flame
Where Broken Hearts Are Healed
Where Does Love Go When It Dies?

Lynden Pater

A Million Tiny Pieces

Lynn Gavilanes

Never Forget

Lynn P Shaw

Flecks of Sand

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