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Melbourne Blues


Anil Kumar S

No Worries. It's going on well mate (pronounced like mite).

If you ever happen to overhear those phrases, it's for sure that you are in an Aussie company.

"Yep Mate. It should not take more than 20 minutes" said the cab driver; my first acquaintance in the land down under; Australia.

After a thorough rummaging done by the immigration department at the airport, I had a breather. Felt relaxed. There is this queer feel of being suspected by them, especially if you are traveling abroad for the first time.

I was happy to be out from their vicinity albeit giving in a packet of Indian pickle powder. (This will be dealt in detail in the Food Woes corner J )

The first remark after coming out of airport was "it's cool", not metaphorically but literally. Its winter and I am in Melbourne whose temperatures fluctuate between 5-15 degrees in a day. That can be quiet scratchy if you come in from India.

This great biological instrument, the human body makes wonderful adaptations to the immediate surroundings. But it sure does show the transition. One clear example was the Jet Lag and the biological clock adjustment.

The first morning in Australia I woke up at 11:30 AM, it was clearly four and half hours ahead of usual time. You guessed it right, it's because the Aussies run four and half hours ahead of India. I adjusted my hand-watch but could not do the same with my body.

That reminds me of something very vital, how could I not have mentioned it till now. As soon as I landed here I was robbed. And that too being one of the most precious things of my life. I was robbed of my time; priceless four and half hours. They say I can gain that back only when I go back to India. And considering a hypothetical situation that I never go back to India, I have lost it forever. Audacious robbery, isn't it?

The best part of the story lies in the fact that for a fortnight I can avail accommodation in a luxurious hotel. Free of cost. Take my word, it is the best part. It was a brilliantly decorated apartment with plethora of appliances. I could not make out of what most of them do.

The saddest part, I was alone. This element would continue throughout the memoirs; "A lonely soul in an alien land".

The only digression being this place isn't that alien and I am not that lonely. Sounds contradicting, yep, that's how life sounds like. Would you bet? You know the answer.

Mate, let's do a Superman's act right now and venture back to into time.

Life was in an amphi state (don't peep into the dictionaries you will not find the word, it is concocted by yours sincerely). I meant I was not on land but was in air.

I was Flying ... Whoooooooz... Wakaaav .....

Ever wondered why flying was a fascination for man, catch a flight and all your doubts will be obliterated. Precaution: never miss the window seat, or you will miss all the action. And never ever travel during night or you will miss all the fun.

It feels awesome to get into Boeing flight and fly like a bird. The massivity of the machine adds flavor to aviation.

If you ever get a chance, please do catch up a flight with the Malaysian Airlines. They are simply great. Not to mention the beautiful airhostesses and their wonderful attires. They could miss anything but will not miss the smile on their face. There lies the beauty of service industry. Folks in IT, to get a glimpse of customer-centered process we have loads to discern and learn. We in IT hate to be called as being part of Service Industry. I know that this topic is contentious. Let's circumvent it and proceed, I won't appreciate mixing beauty and politics, especially when you are a Superman. Yesss, I reminded you of the Superman act just when it was sliding off your brain.

Cut!!! Roll back, production 4 scene 3 over. Done.

We are back to the present. The Superman vanishes in to the air.

I know that this is getting a little lengthy. And it is a bit monotonous. I promise that next time you will get colorful stuff. I am going to get a digital camera, today. So, you can see a lot of Melbourne through my eyes, sorry my lens.

And, I have visited MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) the Mecca or Medina or what ever of World Cricket... One considerable phase of my life is done. I am entering into a new phase. Now life seems to make sense. Life has fructified. All the cricketing fraternity out there, I am christened and feeling bowled over.

Adios, Mate.

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