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Take the You Out of Us


Alice C. Bateman

What do the Fates have in store for me next?

They change my whole life on any pretext

They give me a man and then take him away

When will they give me a man who will stay?


Take the you out of us and the me out of we

Soon we will find out how sad we can be

The dreams and the mem'ries that we both once shared

Was it just an illusion, thinking you cared?


Now you're gone for good and I'm left all alone

My heart full of love has been turned to a stone

We had something so strong, or at least I thought so

I guess I was wrong, or else why did you go?


I'll get over you, I have to, or else my soul will die

It's hard for me to realise that your love was a lie

If you had really loved me I would not be in this state

Even after what you've done, my love won't turn to hate


That doesn't mean I'll take you back, my heart has had enough

But I wonder, yes I wonder, when the Fates will send true love

Oh I wonder, yes I wonder, when the Fates will send true love


I need a man who wants to do the things I want to do

A man who can erase the hurt that was brought on by you

A man who wants my children, and will help me care for them

Am I asking for too much, from the world of men?

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