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Look Away


Angela Bridges 

Eyes; watchful; not a second to blink
Consistent, judging; I know what they think
Run, hide; away from their glare
Their love; too strong to escape nor to bear
A formidable presence; these loving, concerned eyes
Witnessing all my shame, guilt, pain and lies
Years go by; I'm afraid I can't grow
Forever watched; you'll never let go
Grateful; you've given me life, love, hope
But constantly torn; tied to your parental rope
Desperately tugging at my end of the line
Torn between your thoughts and mine
I turn; go my own blind way in vain
To feel you pull on the other side in pain
Failures are tripled looking with three pairs of eyes
Mistakes, shame, guilt; times three are my cries
My pain, his pain, her pain: the cross I bear
Every waking moment I feel your stare
Your love is a threat; I'll never be free
Too afraid of what you will see
Please, I ask you, look the other way
And you might get to know your daughter some day

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