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New Daddy


Alice Bateman

If I could go buy a new Daddy

What store would we get him from?

Who won't fight with Krystal

And won't yell at me

And always is nice to my Mom


If I could go buy a new Daddy

To what store would I have to go?

To Wal-Mart or Zellers

Or down to the Market

Is that where new Daddies grow?


I want a new Daddy

So I can play 'punch'

Touch the ceiling whenever I want


I want a new Daddy

For camping and fishing

And maybe for making my lunch


I'd have to share Mommy

With my brand new Daddy

But maybe that won't be so bad


I'd have to share Mommy

With any new Daddy

But then I'd at least have a Dad!


Matthew and Danny's Dad - the little boys, three and two years old - left us when Matthew was about six months old, and I was about three months pregnant with Danny. We haven't heard from him since. Better he's gone if that's how he feels, but it's hard to explain to the boys...

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