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Feed the Children


Alice C. Bateman

The half moon shining down on me

The branches mostly bare

She brings to us all a warning

She says, my friends, take care


Take care to give this planet

The nourishment it needs

Take care to cease your nasty ways

Eliminate your greed


Take care of all the children

Feed them every day

It hurts God's Heart, the starving

When there are so many ways


To get food around this planet

To get milk into the world

That needs it very desperately

We must distribute food


To those who have no grocery stores

Who have no farms or fields

From the countries who have far too much

And dump their excess yields


We must prepare a system

That shares with all the food

We must prepare a system

For all our greater good


How can we starve the children

That He has given us?

How can we starve the children

That He puts in our trust?


It's up to you and I and them

To all of us, to each

To stop this very harmful thing

It is within our reach


To implement a program

To truly feed the world

Each few seconds somewhere a child dies

Somewhere in this world


Someone's little boy

Someone's little girl

Someone's going to die

Somewhere in this world


We are so very lucky

To live in plenty as we do

But who knows, in the next life

This child could be you

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