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C. C. Rider

Leaving Rio
Wake Up To The Sun

C. Elizabeth Anastasopoulos

The Rainy Day

C J (Cindi) Mouser

For Love of a Dog
Memories on the Hoof


Meet the God.

C. L. Riley



Broken Pictures

Cailean Darkwater

Another Day
Over the Edge

The Beast

Caity Nowosatka

A Pink Ribbon

Callie Mackenzie

Lost Hope

Callie Nguyen

What I'd Do To Be With You

Candy Clontz Rathbone

Bearing Over Whelming Pain

Cara Walker

Last Goodbye Part 1
Last Goodbye Part 2

Last Goodbye Part 3
Last Goodbye Part 4

Last Goodbye Part 5

Jane's Diary

Carey Lenehan

Dying Earth
Long Hot Summer
That old Devil Called Autumn
The Girls We Were
Wordsworth Revisited

Carl Halling

A Spiritual Narrative - Part One
A Spiritual Narrative - Part Two

Carlette Dupuis

God's Way

Carmalin Sophia

Love Me Dear

Carol Roth

Ascending to Meet the Sunrise
Believe Me My Dear
Mary Lavender

Caroline Carr

Memories of Madness

Caterina Kenworthy

I Didn't Tell You
Love Lane
Scribble Girl

The Chance Theater
The World Of Discarded Drawing
Too Skinny


Catherine E. Smithwick

The Bottom Line - "Everyone Else Does It"
The Bottem Line- "I Wanna Be Sedated"
Her Name Was Maddie

Catherine Money

Questionable, Beside Herself, Forgotten, My Father's Embrace

Catharine Parks


Celista Tremblay

Moving Day
Mr. McDaniel's Cocker Spaniel
Mr. Rabbit
My Friend Wil
Rainy Day

Cesar A. Miranda

A Life Like Everyone's
A Loving Nightmare
Goddess of Pain
Gone With the Roses
I Didn't Know
I'm Nothing
Just a Thought
Let Me Be Free
Life Goes On
Lost Sailor

My Everyday Life
My First Time
Perfection is Not Enough
Poem To My Baby
Poem To My Baby #2
Poem To My Baby #3
Taken From My Heart
The Last Hope
The Truth About It
Thin Air

Think About Them
Trying to Read Your Thoughts
Understanding Confusion
When Doubts Get You
Wild Beast!
Without Her

Without Words


Chad Lilly

All I Ask
Dear Mrs. Lilly
If I Were An Atheist
Know Thyself
Mental Fantasies
Rambling Sanity
Seeing God
The Beginning of Wisdom
The Way It Works With Me

What I Really Want

Chana Mager

The Necromancer

Chantel Rasmussen

A Love That Wasn't Real
Alcoholic Pride
Be Together
Crystal Tears
Good Enough
How I Really Feel

I'm Home Sick Again
I Can't
I Hate the Way

I Still Love Him
I Want to be a Butterfly
If You Can
I Tried
Keep Going
Kids Today


Playing You
Reality Check
Stick It Through
Teddy Bears

The Good Girl
The Color Of My Skin
Until We Meet Again
What Have I Done?
What I Believe
What It Seems
Writer's Block 101
You Know The Truth
You Never Know

Charilette Rai Sweeny

A Road Apple of Wisdom
Dance of the Starling
Michael Eugene Chapman
Monster In My Closet
Song of the Whippoorwills
The Better Bunny
The Mirror
The Sailor
Druid Night

Charles Okafor

A Plea to My Love
Farewell Notes
For Love of You
Merchants of Greed
The Arrival
The Butcher
The Foreigner

The Holocaust

The Reality of Hate
Witness to Chaos

Charles Montonya

A Hunters Lesson

Charlie Mann

Father's Love
Lost Love
My Uncle Lee

Chen-ou Liu

Another Pnin
I Love You to Death
White Picket Fence
Writing in English: The Writing Life in Transition and Translation

Cheryl McNeil



Californication's End
Culture and Liberty
Enduring Harmony

My Welcome Guest
Rugged Individualism
The Smell of the Wind

Chinedu Uba

Blind Distance
Can't Stop
Dark Goddess
You Have Murdered Sleep
In A heart
I Surrender
I Swear
Morning Sun
Return My Love
Sweet Woman
Morning Glory

Chloe Ho

Murder in Malibu

Chris Allen Clark

Mercury Turned Silent For Me

Chris Alexander


Chris Jackson

The Caribbean Classic

Chris Kendalls

Nine thousand four hundred and sixty two

Chris Potts

Memories of the Past
The Flight

Chris Ruland

Life of Jack

Chrissie-Jane Harrison


Christen Chaffins

The Violin

Christie Houston

I Woke Up

Christine Raposo

Life, Death, And Something In Between
Another Monday

Christine Ritter

Our Flag Flies High

Christine Williams

Broken Baby

Make Room

Christopher Turner


Cindy Piazza-Ivy

Leaving Despair
The Dream That You Gave

Cindy Sorburn

Life in the Trenches

Cinnamon Brown

7 Whole Days (the breakup saga)
A long way from Home
A Single Mother

A True Story of Love
All That I Am
Bad Name
Black As Can Be
Black Like Me
Caffeine vs Nicotine
Can I Be Your Supermodel Part One
Can I Be Your Supermodel Part Two

Crying eyes

Daddy's Little Girl

Don't Cry For Me
Everyday I Pray
Ghetto Fabulous
Good bye Step-Monster
Hidden Secrecies
If All I could Give
I Wish I Didn't Miss You
It's Nothing
Keep Ya Head Up
Letting Go
Like Romeo and Juliet
Miss Mary's Song - Ode to my Best Friend

My Child
My Story My Song
Not Far From The Tree
Perfect Imperfections

Prayer of a Sinner {My Repentance}
Politically Incorrect (or is it)
Redefining a Woman

The Breakdown
The last Time I saw You
The Man at Table 3
Truth Hurts
What If
Why I Cry

Women 2 Women Part One
Women 2 Women Part Two
Women 2 Women Part Three

Women 2 Women Part Four
Women 2 Women Part Five

Women 2 Women Part Six

Claire Findlay

Little Red Riding Hood

Claire Randal


Clarissa McCartney

Love is a battle

Cliff Lai

Conforming to Your Wishes

Clive S. Michie

A Simple Handshake Ch 1
A Simple Handshake Ch 2
A Simple Handshake Ch 3
A Simple Handshake Ch 4
A Simple Handshake Ch 5
A Simple Handshake - Ch 6
A Simple Handshake - Ch 7
A Simple Handshake - Ch 8

A Simple Handshake - Ch 9
A Simple Handshake - Ch 10

A Simple Handshake - Ch 11
A Simple Handshake - Ch 12

At This Very Moment
Killing the Kids
Internet crime and The Credit Card
Old Bum

The Adventures of Brat Cat
The Adventures of Brat Cat part 2
World Out Of Control

Colleen Sweeney

My Hero

Connie Brousseau

A Baby's Dream

Connie Dai

With Every Sun There is a Night


Her Only Desire

Cori Gardner

The Concept of Time

Corinne Grech-Linkous

Drunk People are Great
Phantom Planet and Me
Tragically Hip

Courtney Kelly

That Woman

Courtney Shaubel

The Voice of Silence

Courtney Wilson

My Books
Please Remember
The Beginning of a Lifetime

Crystal Bay

Goodbyes Never Last
Magic Mr.Mahoney

Crystal J. Stranaghan

Snapshots of Summer
Storm Warning

Reflections in the pool of my childhood summers
Reflections in the pool of Christmases Past
Twenty Something - on Tennyson
Twenty Something - on Writing
Twenty Something - on the power of imagination

Crystal Riley

Dear Lord
How Do I...?
If Only
Morality and Maturity are Necessities

The Greatest Love
Think About It


To This World
Your Eyes

Cynthia Burke


Cynthia Serrano

A Mother's Challenge

Cynthia Southall

The Little Things

Cynthia Todd


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