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Secret Alien Nation


Amber A. Whitman

There is a secret alien nation existing right here on earth. It is widespread and completely secretive. It is known as the female species. Females of the world are actually controlled by an alien leader, from the planet Venus, named Belinda. For millions of years, this alien race has gone completely unnoticed because they blend in so well with the rest of humankind being the male population.

This is where the female phrase, “they say,” comes from. Every woman and most men are familiar with this phrase. Women use it to describe what they have seen in magazines or watched on television, or at least that is what they would lead us to believe. The real fact of the matter is that this phrase is actually referring to the leader and her control and domination over the entire female race.

Men have been perplexed as to the fact that women seem to have to go to the washroom in pairs and groups rather than individually. What they don’t know is that women on earth all carry homing devices in their purses in one form or another. It could be in their compacts, lipsticks, eye shadows, or Chapsticks. When they go to the washroom they are actually contacting the leader Belinda, the all knowing one and receiving instructions and advice on their day-to-day lives here on earth. Of course they are also gossiping among themselves as human women do.

Belinda is an understanding and sympathetic leader and listens to the women’s problems and caters to their every whim. They are even given benefits and time off. These alien creatures are so humanlike they possess all the female characteristics like hormones, menopause, and rage! Of course there are subtle differences. PMS is not the human definition but rather meaning Painful Man Syndrome! Belinda talks to them and tries to keep everything in control. Her ultimate goal is to have the women dominate the male population thus taking over the earth. They feel they can do without the men completely.

Belinda has been secretly studying the human race and the female and male populations since she was a young alien growing up on Venus. While humanity views the name “Venus” with love, the reality being that aliens live on Venus. She took over the colony from her predecessor, which was the custom on their planet. Alien pods were planted into the female human species and Belinda was just one of many who had controlled this race. They were getting close to their ultimate goal of taking over the world, but they still had some work to do to control the males.

The male population had become strong and the females didn’t expect to have such a fight to take over. Men had taken on the role of breadwinners, protectors and procreators and it was difficult for the women to overcome them. Over the years women knew that they were losing their power so they started to take on jobs, raise children, take care of the household duties, carpool, model and even do the work of men. However even after progressing that far they were still somehow inferior to men. The alien nation was becoming controlled and dominated by the males and they were getting frustrated.

Stories were streaming in to Belinda from all over the globe of women that were being abused either mentally, physically, verbally or a combination of all these conditions. Belinda hearing how bad things had become on earth decided that something radical had to be done to save the female alien nation. Belinda decided that since the takeover was not progressing as was necessary for their domination, a new plan needed to be implemented. Belinda decided to give her nation the ability to wipe out the male species. They had all they needed as far as reproductive capabilities and had learned many things from the male race. Let’s face it, they were women and were far more advanced than men anyway.

Belinda along with a team of alien female scientists developed a poison that was virtually undetectable until consumed. The female population was instructed via their personal devices to put the substance into food or drink and give it to their partners. The women of course always followed their leaders instructions and did what was asked of them. Every man on earth was given the poison and died shortly after. Of course there were many bodies, which were turned into dust by special obliterating waves from the home planet. This was the Venusians custom. The ashes were sent into the galaxy to live out their afterlife, as was the alien custom.

The female population had achieved their goal and the alien nation would live on without the interference, abuse and annoyance of dealing with men. A sense of calm spread over the earth and peace and harmony as the aliens went about reconstructing their lives. They rejoiced and sang and were happy for the first time in a long time. The secret alien nation had finally eliminated the men of earth!

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