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This Life of Mine


Alex Caine

A well known clichť is beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what exactly is beauty? Some say to be physically gorgeous, others to have an amazing personality, and many say the combination of both. By looking at her she is beautiful, and upon getting to know her, one is envious. Most people have one outstanding quality and quite a few miniscule qualities but she posses countless amazing qualities that together form a beautiful person. She has tons of friends, parents who work hard so she can be exposed to all she desires, a boyfriend who adores her, and grades that could get her anywhere. At a glance, that is who Payton is, though not many people take the time to get to know her, in fact to date, there are none.

It happened over a week, and surprisingly in seven days I was revealed to more than anything I could ever imagine. Iíve heard from rumors that Payton is like two people shoved in one. The first half is gorgeous, sympathetic, and a joy to be around, while the other half would be described as a train wreck. Over this week, I saw a side of Payton never seen before.

Monday and Tuesday demonstrated her true family life. Her parents are never home, and when they are they would rather throw money in her face than talk to her. You could tell by her _expression she held in her sorrow and misery. She kept telling herself to put a smile on her face and be happy for it could be worse although it didnít help. Payton was always smiling and happy but if you dug a little deeper you could see she was just trying to hide her true life, a life that she would hope, to be never seen by anyone.

The next three days had shown light on her relationship with Gavin. Gavin was your typical heart-throb without the blond hair. If there was one senior everyone wanted to dance with, that was Gavin however Payton had different feelings. Those feelings were never present on her face but only found in her heart. She resented Gavin with every ounce of hate in her body. For that, there was only one reason and a reason that she had never shared with anyone. Gavin had many problems and among them, he had a large tendency to get over-aggressive. Very often he would fling Payton against walls for no reason except to show his power. Payton took it every time and was never caught with a visible bruise. She hid all the bruises with cover-up, but the one on her heart wasnít that easily mended.

Saturday and Sunday brought an unfortunate turn of events. They opened my eyes to what Paytonís social life was. Her friends would call her non-stop to report rumors that another friend had spread. It is said beauty is power, but for her beauty is painful. It is like her only true friends are taking turns throwing darts at her and they hit the bulls eye every time. She was so sick of these people who spent their lives trying to ruin hers.

Payton was a very strong girl and itís very surprising she never snapped. When I picture Payton I think of a coke can that has been shook so many times finally itís ready to explode. It is true she is two people, the one who puts on a smile and hides it all, and the one who is ready to give in. As I stand here looking in the mirror, I wonder why I do it, because I Payton, would do anything to get away from this life of mine.

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