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The Man I Love


Ashley Robinson 

If only he knew how much i cared,
I would lie down and die for him I swear.

He is always saying I wish I could find someone who will
treat me good, if only he would look before him, i would.

These feelings are so strong its just something i just
Can't fight, so ill sit back with a crush and hide.

I finally tell him how i feel, he says I just want to
be friends, but yet i love him still.

I don't know why I love him so much,
I seriously believe its more than a crush.

I don't believe these feelings will ever go away,
but he don't want me so what can i say.

I may not have the looks and all the money,
but when he is around my cloudy days are sunny.

He said looks didn't matter but,
when he didn't give me a chance i got even sadder.

I guess it is just something i have to get over, I don't know
why he won't have me i guess he can find someone better.

Even though i will always love him,
and there will never be no one above him

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