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Birth in This World


April Harden

Dark and dreary is this world we live in,
Peace and prosperity died on September eleven.

To bring you into this world of deceit,
Is to teach you how to feel defeat.

A Bush is burning bright as our leader in charge,
Heís made us promises that first seemed large.

Donít get me wrong, I am proud to be an American,
But I am also a mother who wants to protect you the best I can.

NASDAQ feels the pain of sharp decline,
Reality television finds its place in the prime time line.

Physical appearance rules us with surgeries and makovers,
You have to subject yourself to such pain to not find a spouse, but a lover.

Mad cow has invaded Europe and Britain,
Orders to search for weapons have been written.

Everyone is so happy to hear of your soon arrival,
But I canít help but think if there is enough safety for your survival.

The economy has come to halt abrupt,
Even corporations like Kmart and Enron have filled bankrupt.

If I could have my way with this situation,
I would take us away to another location.

A place where laughter is loud,
No appearance of politics, war or evil is found.

As you grow in strength and beauty,
Protecting and loving you is my matriarchal duty.

I know God will take control in every way,
But I canít help but worry about you and the world we live in each day.

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