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The Wave


Annie Robinson

"The Wave"

Strolling toward the land.
Gathering courage with growth.
Shattered by the shore.

"The Cloud"

Float around above.
Never one to stay in place.
Drifter in the sky.

"If Heaven Were On Earth"

If Heaven were on Earth, where would it be?
In the clouds poked by mountain peaks?
In the depths of the sea?
Life is so beautiful, like the sun setting sky
Bright stars in midnight so distant
Life is so precious, why must we die?
Is dying really the enemy, indeed the end?
Is it forever separation from being?
Or is it the beginning, a welcomed friend.
Life is a temporary stop-over
The physical body encasing the true self
Love is the ultimate gift if unwrapped to share
A piece of the deceased is gone, but not the whole
The beating heart has ceased, lungs that breath no more
Life is eternal through the soul
If Heaven were on Earth, where would it be?
Within the flowers, the trees, the meadows of green?
A love all encompassing is inside of me
Heaven on Earth is where you want it to be

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