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B. Abood

Super-Duper Nature

B. Hopewell

The one thing you forgot...

B. J. Wilkinson

In Ordinary Time
Ursus Minor


The Lake

Bangalore Krishna Murthy

The Source Code

Barbara Bramble

Going Home

Barbara Everidge Tillison

Fairy Dreams
The Mirror

Barry N. Rodgers

Phil's Chronicles - Chapter One
Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Two

Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Three
Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Four
Phil's Chronicles - Chapter Five

Bartholomew Klitgaard

Raising Evolution

Ben Dyar

Ghosts of Retribution
Lament of Purity




Though Shall Not...

Beth Adair

A Loathed Enemy
Christmas Through the Eyes of a Beanie Baby
If Only
Me and My CFS
Shady Disposition

Beverly Caine

Fast Talkin' Man
Ode to a Married Man
The Lover of Nature

Bill Elder

Gerry or Clementine or Untitled
The Poet

Bill Keenan

I Know Which Road I Will Choose

Bill Stage

Daddy's Gun
Teddy Bear Comfort

The Clock
Words of an Unborn Baby

Bill Truax

Fallen Leaves
Isle in the Sky
Marching Men

Billie Moskona-Lerman

I Was A Human Shield

Black Rose

Black Diamond - Prologue

Blair DiVenuta

Samantha's Simplicity

Bob Chassanoff

A Gunfight
My Last Puppy
The Setting Of The Sun
The Women on Whitehead Street

Bob Hyman

A Drink at Woodford
AFLA Alert
Back-packing and Self-Renewal in God's Country
Better Modeling Through Appliances
Chat Room
Chief No-Nose
I Give You America
Magic Writers' Marbles
Payback Time

Pickhandle Pete
Ponder's Dilemma
Sunday Dreams
Susie Sunshine and the Sunflower Gang
The Butterfly Principle
The Cedar and the Oak
The Greeter
The Walking Stick
To Jennifer

Trail's End
Who Speaks for the Common Man Person?

Bobbie Sawyer

A Rose for Marly

Bonita Grace

I Am Just Me
Through the Eyes of a Child

Bonnie Eckersley

Him, Me and the Sea

Bonnie L Fry

Hard Hearn
Here Lies My Youth
Learning To Line Dance
The Flu

Brad Bever

The Band

Brad Pike

Homework and I
The Safe House

Bradley W. Maurer


Brandalia Sheppard


Brandon Excell

Chaldean Chronicles - Volume I
Chaldean Chronicles - Volume II


And Then There Was One

Brandy Cain

Do You Want to Hold Her?

Brent A. Lane

The Name

Brent Fuller

About Time and Too Late
Altar To Leslie
Charity Has No Vacancy
Fool Letting
Half Of It
Is For Worse For Better
Look At My Philosophy
Love’s Base Possibilities
My 911
No Comely Mourning Flower

Really Saved
Review of the movie "Fresh".
Seven Is Too Old
The Day The Rain Came To Stay
The Writer Block

Brett Miller

Spring’s Wind

Brian Anthony Hardie

Affronted, Northeast Portland
Democratic Rash
Eating Raw Bread With A Mammoth
Earthbound Ghost Need
Tomorrow Is Yesterday Is Today
Toxin-Laced Letter

Brian Hinkle

The Great Adventure

Brian Peters

A Tornado is Coming
Born Again
Drenched in Love
Keep on Trucking
Kelso's Rule
Never Again
Saint Mary
The Measure of Family

The Switch Back

Brian Sorrell.

Finally! I Can Send Pictures From The Phone To The Toaster

Brian Wilmott

The Incident Part One
Zone Three

Brianna Santiago

Home Sweet Home

Brittany Hanson


Brittany Wolf

Sweet Pea
The Angels

Brittney Augustine

Billy's Friend's Shell

Brittney Eischens

Anne Frank's Life

Bruce Longman

A Time to Love A Time to Die
Left Behind
Midlife Crisis
The Fling
The Shortcut

Bryant H. McGill

Her impetuous blossoms-- vibrant inward fractals flow!
Our Master Love
Consuming All 'Til All Is Done

Brynne Ferguson


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