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Some Days We Are the Flower


Alice C. Bateman

Dedicated to my dear friend Cindy Mook


Some days we are the flower

Some days we are the weed

Some days we are the garden

That nourishes the seed


At times the rain pours down on us

At times, the sunshine bright

At times the silver moon glow

Illuminates the night


I want to be the grower

In Godís vast flower groves

Iíd like to reap the harvest

For every time I strove


Against the pain, the agony

The conflict that is life

To find the flowers among the weeds

And go on with my life



When you take me Home again

Do you think that I could be

The one who plants the flowers

The one who tends the trees


Could I bring some to you daily

In a sacred golden vase

Could I then rest at your feet

And take a little pause


From all the daily dramas

And duties to fulfill

From all the work you make me do

As I perform Your Will


I am still Your Instrument

But I am getting tired

Thank you for sending such good friends

To help me stay inspired

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