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Fly Away


Amy Sorensen

Blackness licks at my body
The sea folds into the sand
My heart jumps up to the morning
And I hold out my hand

I watch the grass tickle the sunshine
And I cry with the music
As it pounds through my heart
And I close my eyes and wish
I wish for another day
And the sky envelopes my sadness
And I'm granted that wish to stay
Now the tears are rolling down my cheeks

Which are plumped with the warmth of the air
But its cold in my soul and I cannot understand
Why this Earth has a hold on me
And I go back to my mystery land

I cry
I watch
And wait for the sunrise
And when it comes I leave

And I do not return
As I'm granted that wish by the rolling clouds
And I'm given that chance to shine
By the moon

And the world turns around and tells me the story
And I know in my heart I must go
And I leave
I do not return

Alone and my heart goes numb with sadness
But I see the sky
Opening up its eyes
And it calls to me

Let us shine
So I respond
And in my heart of hearts, I sing
But on my feet I still can't dance

But my soul is leaping and spreading its wings
So I turn to this world
Say goodbye to the sadness
And I fly
I fly away

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