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The Jury - Chapter Three


Amy Sorensen

"Not another one, Emma?"

"Iím afraid so." PC Parker told Inspector Goode.

"Youíve given out warnings to the public, havenít you?"

"Yeah, some people just donít believe this kind of thing will happen to them. Itís terrible."

"I know. Look, youíre going out to the McCarthyís house today, arenít you?"

"Yeah, thatís right."

"Well, Iíll come with you. We need to get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you, Inspector."

The McCarthys had four children, three daughters and a son. The eldest, a daughter, had been reported missing.

"It was on her way to a friendís house. She set off this morning, at ten oíclock," explained Mr. McCarthy.

PC Parker glanced at her watch. The gold hands told her it was now five minutes to four.

"Eva was supposed to be coming home at two. Aimee, her friend, only lives three streets away so I went straight round when she didnít turn up by half past two."

"It, it was awful," began Mrs McCarthy. "They said sheíd never even arrived!"

The two parents started talking frantically at the same time. Inspector Goode calmed them down and continued the questioning.

PC Parker had had enough. She went outside to think. It just didnít add up. Three kids gone out of the blue. Two of them had turned up dead and things did not look hopeful for the other. Eva was only eleven years old. If it was true that she hadnít
even turned up at her friendís house, she would have been missing for almost six hours. Something was seriously wrong and Emma Parker felt helpless in the matter. It seemed that all she could do was send out warnings to the local schools and parents; apart from that, theyíd just have to sit back and wait until the killer dropped some clues.

How many more children would be abducted or killed before the killer slipped up? Too many, thatís for sure.

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