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I'm Going to Delete You


Alice C. Bateman

Iím going to exorcise you

Remove you from my mind

Because you havenít been here

And youíve been far from kind


Iím going to delete you

Remove you from my thinking

Going to pour you down the drain

With the cold tea Iíve been drinking


I want to have a happy babe

She needs a happy Mommy

I canít have you upsetting her

While sheís still in my tummy


How would you be if she should grow

Annoying, say age two

If she did something you didnít like

Then what would you do?


Would you be cruel and heartless

Like you have been to me

Torment her with your silence

Why canít God make you see


That you are now a Father

A blessed thing to be

But you have said to God Above

ďI just want to be freeĒ


Free to be alone in life?

Free to kill your child?

Free to see her go to strangers?

Free to make me wild?


But I wonít succumb to heartache

Iíll take it on the chin

Donít think Iíd be with anyone

Whose soul has proved so thin


Good-bye, my dear, itís been quite strange

Iím happy that itís done

Iíll do my part, and happily

To raise this girl or son

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