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All Will Be Well


Alice C. Bateman

I dreamed I found a baby floating 
In the ocean to the west 
He was enclosed in a large oyster 
That floated in to shore to rest 

A voice told me to pry it open 
The shell that drifted at my feet
So I set it on a boulder 
To give the shell a solid seat 

Then I took a piece of driftwood 
I poked and pried the stubborn shell 
And when I wanted to give up 
The voice said try, all will be well 

So I tried just one more time 
To open up the large hard back 
Suddenly it sprang wide open 
I covered up my mouth in shock 

For there inside there slept a baby 
Newly born and smelling sweet 
I couldn't see why this strange dream 
Had placed a baby at my feet 

But I was happy, oh so happy 
With this rare gift God gave to me 
A beautiful, live, lovely baby 
Drifting gently on the sea 

I dreamed I took the baby home 
We lived contented all our days 
In our little seaside shanty 
Sharing all the ocean's ways 

You never know what He has hidden 
Just out of sight, or out of touch 
He always knows just what to give us 
He always knows what means so much

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