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Just For the One You Love


Alex Caine

A life without mistakes isnít a life at all but some mistakes are just a simple lack of showing emotion.

She had a close circle of friends who were passionate about music. They were never the popular girls of school yet they got along with them. The five of them were meant to be friends forever even with all their differences. Her name was Heather and she had sky blue eyes with black hair that emphasized them like crazy. She held a deep dark secret. A secret that she kept all to herself.

He was a fanatic writer who took writing very seriously. His friend situation was much different but thatís not important. His short brown hair just covered his brown eyes. His name was Talan and he held something in common with Heather. What might they have in common one might ask? They both hid a deep secret that no one knows. That deep dark secret affected many of their choices and if only they both knew they had it in common.

Heather and Talan both attended the same high school in which they were both present in the same creative writing class. The two of them talked rarely except for the odd online conversation and when they were put in groups together. Heather spent class sitting with her friends and giggling while Talan took class very seriously.

The pair could be called complete opposites but the one thing that was similar was their desire for each other. There was chemistry that no one could see but was only felt by the two of them. Talan didnít have much experience except the odd fling. Heather went through guys of all shapes and sizes like she went through her songs on a record (pretty much changing every minute). After a few bad experiences Heather chose to sit back and wait for the one thing she wanted most in the world. The one thing she was waiting for was waiting for her also.

Weeks turned into months and finally months became a year. Talan and Heather went on without each other preventing showing any feelings they held for one another. That would be the worst mistake they could have made. If the second hand on the clock was waiting for the minute hand to move, while the minute hand was waiting for the second hand to move, time stops and it is wasted. That was the case of Talan and Heather.

One year had flown by and Talan was still awaiting Heather with Heather still awaiting Talan. They were both questioning what they were waiting for because each showed no emotion towards the other. They were both hanging on the edge trying not to fall but when they did fall, it was hard. Talan was awarded for his academic excellence and was to join Princeton on a scholarship. Heather was given the information at a general assembly and didnít take it well. When she left the assembly Talan followed. ďListen, you will think I am totally random but here goes. For the past year or so I have been wishing for one thing and that was one chance with you. I would give up this scholarship just to spend one year with you. Now I am stuck and have no idea what else to say.Ē Talan explained with deep sincerity. ďWell, I did feel that way about you once, but right now you arenít what I want.Ē Heather said as she walked away sobbing.

Heather and Talan never saw each other again or spoke of that day to anyone. There was one thing that was present on the scorching June day, and it was love. You do crazy things when you are in love and even more so, you give up everything for the one you love. Heatherís love for Talan was clearly still present but if she didnít give him up he wouldnít have accepted that scholarship which is what he truly should have gone after. One would think Heather would spend her life wondering what if, but instead she spent her life remembering she did the right thing for the one man she could ever truly love.

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