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Foolish Princess


Amber Schamel

“No! Wait! Come back!” The servant called after the princess. But the princess kept running. She ran out into the woods, then slumped behind a tree and started to cry. How could her father be dead?

Little did the princess know, she had a very large inheritance left to her. Which included a very large army, hundreds of servants and almost the whole kingdom.

Now, the princess’ father had an enemy. He was a Deceiver, but most called him “Lord” . He was very handsome, but very sly. The Deceiver possessed a bitter hatred toward the King, and would jump at any chance to destroy anything he loved.

So when he heard that the princess was oblivious to her inheritance he was determined to make sure she didn’t get it. He would trick her into walking with him down the very path that would lead to her death.

The Deceiver set off on his journey to find her. He found the princess wondering in a field, not knowing what to do, or where to go next.

After studying her for a minute, the Deceiver approached her. The princess was sitting on a rock. Her brown hair tangled from the wind, her royal gown torn, her eyes full of tears and loneliness. She looked up and saw the Deceiver coming towards her. His dark wavy hair was flowing in the gentle breeze, the sun shone on his darkened skin. His eyes gazed into hers, but she could not read them. They were mysterious and warm, yet in some way cold. Then the Deceiver smiled. The smile promised such warmth and understanding.

Then with the softest of tones, the deceiver spoke. “ What could trouble you on a beautiful day like this?”

How could the princess explain the feeling inside of her? Cold, empty, lonely, afraid, confused? No. It was more than that. She felt that no one in this world could ever love her. The Deceiver knew this, and would use it to annihilate her.

The Deceiver sat down beside her. “ Come now, you can tell me. I’ll do whatever I can to help.” He said.

The Princess said nothing. She looked up at the Deceiver. He seemed so kind.

“ I know,” the Deceiver said, “ Come with me and I will take you to get something to eat. That should cheer you up.” then with a charming smile the Deceiver helped the princess off the rock, and together they walked toward the town.

As they walked the Deceiver brought the princess to talk to him. Soon he had her laughing and talking freely. She had forgotten, at least for now, about all her difficulties.

The Deceiver looked at the princess. “ You miss your father, don’t you?”

The princess lowered her head as her green eyes filled with tears. “Yes” then she looked hopefully at him. “ Did you know him?”

“Very well” the Deceiver lied. “ He was a good man.”

The Deceiver lifted the princess’ chin and looked warmly into her eyes. “ The reason I came to find you, is because your father wanted me to take you to a special place he has for you. Come with me, and I will take you there.” something told the princess she shouldn’t believe him, but she could not fathom that this man, who looked so tenderly into her eyes, would ever harm her. Thoughts raced through her mind, but she didn’t have time to answer. “ It’s all settled then. I’ll meet you outside.”

With that the Deceiver walked out the door of the café leaving the princess to her thoughts.

Once outside, the Deceiver slipped into the shadows. “Judas!” he whispered harshly. His eyes were no longer filled with warmth. A raspy voice answered, “ Yes My Lord.” as murky figure emerged from the darkness.

“ Go ahead of us, make sure everything’s ready. And Judas, make sure He doesn’t find you.”

“ Yes My Lord.” and Judas slipped quickly out of sight.

The Deceiver stepped back into the light just as the Princess came out of the café. “ Are you ready?”

The Princess took a deep breath. “ If that is what father wants, yes, I’ll go.”


Judas slinked along the path, staying in the shadows. But

he did not notice the horsemen coming up behind him.

One of the Horsemen spotted him.

“ There, in the shadows! Halt!”

Judas glanced behind him and saw the symbol of an eagle on the horses. “ No!” his whispered. “It’s them! The Great Master‘s Calvary!“ He ran as fast as he could into the forest trying to escape.

“ Stop!”

Judas froze, not by his own will but because of the authority in the horsemen’s voice.

He turned to face the horsemen, who at once recognized him. “ We’re taking you to the Master.” they said, and before Judas knew it, he was standing before the Great Master, the master of all.


The Princess and the Deceiver had been walking for a long time, when they came to a river. It was raging furiously as they approached its edge. The Deceiver stepped onto the bridge, but the Princess hesitated. She stared at the furious current.

“Princess.” the Deceiver pulled her back to the moment. He offered his hand to her. She reluctantly took it and they crossed the bridge.

When they reached the other side, the Deceiver smiled viciously at the Princess. “Welcome to my side of the river Princess.” Then a horde of dark creatures advanced upon her, bearing ropes and whips. They tied her hands behind her back.

“ Now I will finally get my revenge on your father!” the Deceiver laughed.

The creatures began to beat her and pull out her hair.

Then a loud voice hindered them. “Deceiver! Stop!” The Princess looked up and saw a man in white robes standing on a rock, His auburn hair flowing in the breeze.

The Deceiver whirled around to face him. “ You can’t stop me! She came by her own will!” the Deceiver screeched. Then a sly grin crossed over his face. “ But… there is one alternative.”

“Then so be it!” Her Deliverer thundered. The Deceiver stood shocked as the Deliverer took a dagger and cut the cords that bound the Princess. Then she looked into his loving brown eyes, the Princess couldn’t move. Then her Deliverer turned to face the Deceiver, and dropped the dagger at his feet. The Deceiver stared at him in bewilderment. Then smiled so wickedly that the entire forest shivered at the sight. He signaled to his creatures and they immediately bound the Deliverer with the ropes and began to torture him. They beat him with their fist and with their whips until his snow white robes were covered in blood.

“ Please, no! Stop!” the Princess tried to push through the horde but was beaten to the ground by one of the creatures. She lay there in horror as the Deceiver picked up the blade and raised it above his head.

“NOOOO!” then there was a horrid silence as the blade pierced through her Deliverer’s heart. The Princess could not tell how many minutes passed.

“ He’s dead! The son of the Great Master is Dead!” The Deceiver cried victoriously. The creatures echoed his cry. As the Princess gaped at the limp body on the ground, all else seemed to fade away. She did not notice that the creatures who had been all around her had now gone across the bridge to seek new victims.

As she sat in the dirt she realized what had just happened. She curled up buried her face in her hands and wept. Then a comforting voice whispered into her ear.

She looked up and saw her Deliverer smiling tenderly at her. He looked just the same as he had before, except now he was wearing a red sash.

“ You… were… dead!” the Princess stammered.

“Shhh, it’s all right now. You’re free. The Deceiver has no power over you.”

“But… I don’t understand... Why did you…? How could you…?”

“ My beloved Princess, it does not need to be understood now. Someday, you will understand. Come it is time to go home.”

They crossed the bridge, and then she saw a beautiful golden staircase that led up into the clouds. Her Deliverer began to ascend the staircase.

“ Home?” The princess asked in confusion.

“Yes. Come on.” And he led her up the staircase into his beautiful city.

The End

© 2007 Amber D. Schamel

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