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Four Part Harmony


Alice C. Bateman

We are three separate entities

Body, mind and soul

We are three separate entities

Separate, but whole


We live in very different worlds

The three of us in here

And what direction we will take

Isnít always clear


We use our mind to guide our days

To plan a future bright

We use our soul to guide our prayers

And keep us in the Light


And then we use our bodies

And here is where we fail

The pain and ills distract us

Putting up a veil


Between our mind and spirit

Between our mind and soul

~ I almost said heart ~ are we in four parts

Is this knowledge, then, our true goal?


Iím being transformed by forces unknown

Iíve been in the forge a long time

The hammer is painful, the fire is hot

But the final Me Product will shine


What shape will it take, the new me to be

What brand new things are there to learn

Will the pain stop when He puts down the Hammer

Will the flame no longer burn


Oh, it will still burn as He hammers another

To make them take on their new role

How else to make tools but with hammer and forge

How else create a humble soul

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