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Adam D. Olson

I often question my future. Am I in control of what is to be, or am I the victim of a predestined path that I must follow? Murphy and I were at Trinity College. That is in Ireland, if you didnít know. Another less known fact is that they have a great security team. Murphy remarked that they were almost as quick as the Elite German Guard, though not as brutal.

Before they threw us off the premises, we watched two professors conversing about fate. One professor argued that our future was preplanned, just as if we were in the river. We had to go where the current took us. The other professor responded, ďBut we have choice. We can swim to the bank if we choose to, therefore it is free will.Ē They looked at Murphy and me, and asked what we thought.

I looked at Murphy and he looked back. I shrugged my shoulders and pushed the professors into the river. The one who believed in free will was carried down river by the current. The one who had faith in a predestined plan swam to the shore. What were the odds that they were both wrong? We were contemplating this as the guards carried us out.

Murphy thought perhaps it was our destiny to be carried out, but somewhere along the line I am sure we had a choice. I just donít know what it was.

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