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What We Learn


Angela Lee Annette

residential schools tried to murder us before we were born
our culture torn from us long before we walked this earth
our ancestors beaten raped locked away and forgotten
our people once proud strong and free are but quiet shadows
they wrestle with their own private worlds of pain
trapped in dreams of terror and humiliation
deep scars left after years of being reformed
kill the indian in the child was the objective
they were dragged away from family and friends
they were submerged into the unknown
they were abused afraid and alone
what were they to learn?


Sadly our people learned these lessons well but
is this the legacy we want to leave for future generations?

We as first nations people can not afford
to let these types of lessons continue any longer!
Listen to survivor's stories and take pride
because through it all one thing is clear
they COULD NOT kill the indian spirit!
Help our elders heal by being strong
Free our people from this terrible pain
Learn from the past and teach


Residential schools have taken their toll but
We will rise above it!
The lessons will always be taught
but never forget that it's about
what we learn!

written by Angela Lee Annette (Proud to be an Indian)

dedicated to the first nations residential school survivors

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