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Winds of Fate


Alice C. Bateman

The winds of fate are swirling round me

I am caught up in their midst

Getting hard for me to keep up

With every turn and twist


One day I'm thinking one thing

The next it's something else

Planning things I never thought I'd do

It's as if some little elf


Makes his home inside my head

And rearranges things

Then informs me what will be

No matter what I think


You'd think he would consult me

'Ere he changes all my plans

Maybe he should have a name

This busy little man


Rumplestiltskin? It's been done

Must think of something else

But now I've caught him changing things

This meddlesome small elf


Must give to me his one true name

Because I've found him out

He tries to plant the seeds of change

By nurturing a doubt


Iíve heard him called The Small Green Man

I've spoke of him before

I wonder how I let him in

The guarded secret door


The one I keep my dreams behind

And where I keep my plans

Where I've locked away my secrets

And my very small demands


When I figure out his name

I'll call him to come out

Then I'll slam the secret door shut

And lock the Green Man out

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