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The Raindrop


Anne Bellah

"Oh, this is so cool!"
"He finally let me go."
"I'm FREE!"
"I'm so cold, I'm going so fast."
"I didn't think it would be like this."
"Look at all the others."
"So many different sizes."
"This is great!"
"I wonder how long it takes to get to earth...."
"I wonder where I will land..."
"I hope I land somewhere pretty..."
"A pond...A nice garden."
"A jungle...a pretty leaf...Oh, I wonder."
"Oh, wow, I see the tops of the trees!"
"Oh, what's happening?" "I'm melting!"
"Oh, good. I'm warmer now."
"WOW! It's so beautiful."
"Oh, I can see the houses now."
"Where will I land?"
"A leaf? A pond?"
"Oh, I hope it's a pond."
"I always wanted to land in a pond."
"I would last a long time."
"If I landed in a pond."
"Now I can see the cars."
"And all the people running."
"To get away from us."
"OH! I'm heading towards something."
"WHAT is it?"
"It's in the grass."
"It's dark and brown."
"I'm getting closer..."
"It's a, ah, ah, oh...NO!NO!NO!"
"Don't let me land there!" "OH, NO!"
"I beg Him to let me go."
"I tell Him I'm ready."
"I'm ready to see the world."
"I tell Him I can do anything."
"Can you believe that?"
"Oh, this really stinks!"

This is dedicated to all the teenagers out there who think they know it all.

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