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The Star Called Love


Alice C. Bateman

I have a tree inside my heart

With multi-colored branches

Inside a heart that's torn to shreds

With one too few romances


One too many that were wrong

And none that's right, so far

But that doesn't stop this questing tree

From reaching for that star


The Star called Love

So seldom seen

So seldom touched upon


The Star called Love

Elusive, bright

That vanishes with dawn


Is there true love

In this sad world

Does this state e'en exist?


Is there true love

In this sad world

Is there really bliss?


I just don't know

Not anymore

If these are merely words


Or something harmful

Drugging, deep

That makes our life obscured


Is there, out there

One man for me

With my name upon his heart


One man who'll nurture

The tree of me

From whom I'll never part?


I keep believing,

Hoping so

I keep alive

The Inner Glow

The Light of Me

So strong and bright

The Light of God

In deepest night

Not yet extinguished

Though they try

Subversive ones

The bad one's spies

But Honour


And I

Will Win

For We

Are One

And We're

Not done

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