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Dance Upon Earthen Stage


Adam Gilson

I will tell you what I find interesting.

this societal predisposition towards time.

I firmly believe in the rhythm of the body as it beats in time with the heavens - the moon orbits, tides roll; all the while our heads are covered in sunny skies.

however, as we have become more and more artificial - clothing, clocks, light bulbs, electric tooth brushes - and more and more superficial - liposuction, weight loss programs,, buddy pagers - we have lost ourselves in a milieu of modern man-made mockery.

the most perverse of these additions to our lives is nothing material.

you can at least identify material crutches and heal your wounds from their use.

but a mindset...a mindset envelops you in ways you could never admit.

a blind acceptance towards the concept and utilization of time. it has engulfed us beyond all reasoning. we accepted its final yoke over our lives just a little over a 100 years ago.

where we are is meaningless unless it is the right time.

we would rise with the sun and sleep with the sun. there was no alternative. you could not do much at night.

as the equinox and solstice would pass unwittingly over our heads, we would continue our dance with the stars from our earthen stage.

then faceless men created zones of time, forcing us into a man made day and night. the power over time we were given was paid for with the loss of our individual definitions to the Rhythm.

artificial light out shone the idea of too dark to do anything. late nights were born and infant earlier mornings smelled of thick coffee.

we began to stumble.

the beat is artificial now.

the steps are cluttered, overlapping.

it is time to get ready when I wake.

let us dance.

the curl defining shampoo and conditioner goes well with the aloe infused body wash that I smell as the clay and apricot facial scrub tingles on my face while I reach for my MSM infused facial wash bar which I drop when I wrap myself in a 230 thread count towel thick with the cotton picked in fields from far away that I do not even know by faceless faces looking out across the horizon to where I might be finally drying off with their labor right before I apply my extra sensitive gel shaving cream that glides so effortlessly off me with my 4 blade shaving system that I bought at a store from someone that was my first kiss and I think how well we acted out our parts of not knowing each other perfectly while I put the leave-in conditioner with hair hardening balls that absorb to lock in wetness which I admire while washing my face with a paper towel dripping in witch hazel that is eventually covered by MSM infused face lotion that will be drying when I am putting on my gap khaki's and my banana republic sweater and my dash of cologne that my father bought me because he loves me and then I take deep breaths of myself in the cold cold air in the morning cause my car has no heater so I sip my coffee that is too strong and eat my banana which really is not a banana it is a pastry cause they are faster to eat and the best of intentions are substitutes for a healthy life which means I will walk it off at lunch which I wont do cause I am not going to remember as I flip through the stations on the way to work with the sun behind me while all the while an ancient bellowing in the depths of my apathy is trying to tell me that

I have lost the feel of the sun on my face.

when I leave work, it is hiding behind me once again.

my dance did not sound like a stumble, I know.

it was very well orchestrated. years of practice has gotten to where I will only nick myself shaving or at the worst spill some coffee on my khakis.

that night, I was called to an encore. everyone is so approving.

I get a call from someone that I drink with all the time but don not really like but hey what else am I going to do tonight it gets too quiet at my house so we all get in a car and know no one cares who drives cause we will all drink and what does it matter anyways so off we go after some food at a fast food place that threw the bag at us before opening a trap door to get us out of the way for the next person then we ate that in about 2.3 seconds on our way to a club that costs more money to get in than my towel making friends will make in a life time but that ok cause the drinks at this place cost more than my towel making friend's country makes in a decade which is something I bring up and we laugh at while the music gets louder and the drinks become easier to swallow and the conversation is easier to swallow and on and on and on we go till a song comes on I know so I dance and dance and dance but don not feel any flow because that ancient bellowing is telling me that it feels good now

but this really is not you.

I cover up that sentiment with a couple more shots of some glowing green thing that makes my head woozy but my friend has a pill that does the trick so while we are blasting his music player in the car and swerving to keep in a straight line I notice the girl sitting next to me that has hopes of using my MSM infused face lotion tomorrow morning that I was impressing her with because I am actually 25 but I look 21 while I feel 80 while we were smoking out front of the club we got kicked out of for a case of mistaken identity between a booth and a stall but that of no consequence as there are plenty of other places that will take our money that we worked so hard to smile while making it and while that girl continues to massage my arm in a way that suggests the pills really do do the trick I notice we have not stopped talking about things that really do matter to us like what we saw on tv last night and our favorite mocha latte spot and our favorite file sharing client and how it is so hard to do those things when our parents call wanting to hang out but we are waiting for our drinks but the wifi is slow at this internet cafe so we are not going to finish downloading a song to upload to listen to before we have to make our movie about how the world is moving too fast but we can not really talk about it cause that girl is not going to hear me with my tongue in her ear which makes it hard for me to ask her her name which I would not hear anyways over this ancient bellowing of

watch out you are going too fast. you might just break yourself.

I can not care and she can not care because this cologne is really making her look at me like I was an omaha steak and was about to be pulled out of the oven which would make my dad proud if he could just stop being so busy all the time and talk to me but I can not think of that right now cause I should really be driving and not air guitaring this song by a band that has the love song that was playing the first time I kissed that girl who sold me the razors that made my face so smooth which made it easier to impress this girl who right now thinks this car is a manual but I wont tell her she is wrong because it feels so good even though we are flying but she has not looked up so everything must be ok and even though there is shattered glass in my eyes and screeching in my ears and a friend sized hole in the windshield it is not nearly as awful as the deafening silence of the ancient bellowing in my head which all along was saying

I will tell you what I find interesting.

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