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This page showcases original stories written by our Authors, not jokes circulated through email.

Adam D. Olson

Home Improvement

Alan Dittrich

The Best Policy

Amanda Reynolds

Micky Fillet Employs A Butchers Boy!
Old Mickey Fillet

Bill Elder

Gerry or Clementine or Untitled

Brian Sorrell.

Finally! I Can Send Pictures From The Phone To The Toaster

Bob Hyman

Better Modeling Through Appliances

Chantel Rasmussen

Writer's Block 101

Corinne Grech-Linkous

Drunk People are Great
Phantom Planet and Me
Tragically Hip

DK O'Donnell

The Surreal IRA.

Gary Gordon

Everyone's a Criminal
Sam Schpade Private Detective

Harry Buschman

Breakwater Rocks
I Can't Say ****
Lizardo, the Bog Man

Jack Windsor

The Wild Granny Hunt

James K. Pirtle

The Barber's New Seville

Jeff Gerstenfeld


Michael A. Nielsen

Universal Laws

Nathan Black

The Adventures of Bruno the Drill Sergeant

Nathan Hartswick

On the Road (But How'd It Get There?)
Party Purgatory

R. L. Walker

Cricket's Revenge
Dr Andy Mull's Thooo
The Lid
The Roll

Robert Levin

On Turning Sixty

Robert Shackner

If I Could Talk to the Animals
Play Ball

Robert Taylor

Saluting the Aussies with Beer

Rod Stewart

Between the Lines

Sarah Gold


Saundra L. Washington

A Dose of Laughter
Forgetting Can Be Annoying

Susan Maree Jeavons

Hope Springs Eternal, and All That Bull!

Thomas Jay Cubb

The Poemism Crisis

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