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If We Ever Get To Dance


Alice C. Bateman

I fantasize about you 
I dream of you at night 
I feel you here inside me 
You fill my soul with light 

You are the other half of me 
Together we make one 
But will you ever be here 
When my day’s work is done 

Is it just a fantasy 
To have just one true mate 
Is it just a fallacy 
Or did our God create 

Two halves of one creature 
Searching for their soul 
Two halves of one spirit 
Separate, seeking whole 

And would I find that in you 
If we ever have the chance 
To explore what is between us 
If we ever get to dance 

If we ever get to find out 
Where this leads, where this could go 
In neglect, my love is growing 
Do you even want to know 

How I cherish every second 
That we’re breathing the same air 
How the room’s completely empty 
If you’re suddenly not there 

And I can’t express my feelings 
Except here, with pen and book 
Where my life’s nobody’s business 
Where nobody dares to look 

Except you, who sees inside me 
Though you hardly ever dare 
You know if you look closely 
You’ll find yourself in there

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