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Aaron Atkinson

I see a road, and on this road there is an elderly man walking. Itís a long steep and unpleasant journey, but he continues to walk with his bible in hand. Many people pass, paying him no attention at all, but a few would stop and say "thereís no way you can make it up there without a car, itís just too cold, freezing and thereís no water for days." He looks up, smiles, points to his bible and responds, "I have all that I need".

So he continues to walk down this long cold road, and as he travels he sees another man walking the other direction (on the opposite side of the road) without any shoes. He stops; calls over to the other side and ask, "Why are you leaving?" The man looks over to him with his eyes full of tears and says, "I have lost all that is dear to me, and I no longer have anything. We tried to cross, no one made it, so I turned around." The elderly man ask the young man if he would walk with him and talk to him about those he had lost, and if he agreed, he would in return give him his shoes. The young man figured as cold as it was, and as cold as his feet were, he had nothing to lose. As they walked, the young man told him all that had happened to him on his journey.

They continued to walk until they came to the place in the road the young man lost his family. The elderly man continued to walk as the young man stopped and shouted, "come back we canít make it without a car!" Well elderly man smiled, looked back to him, pointed to his bible and said, "We have all that we need." The elderly man continued on his journey and as he did he would stop people traveling on the opposite side of the road as asked them to join him. As they did he would listen to them explain where they were headed and explain and teach them how they could return. The more he taught them and helped them understand, made it easier for them to continue to walk with him. As time went on, they themselves would call someone from the other side of the road to join all of them as they walked up the cold long mountain on their journey. By this time all of the people in the front of this group where unclothed and the people in the back where clothed. For the people in the front of this group had all that they needed. They stopped to rest one night and when they got up there was a note from the elderly man saying "my brothers and sisters I love you and Iíll be waiting for you when you get here."

Remember, we are all on a journey and it is important we learn as much as we can from our guide(s) as long as theyíre here with us. God never intended for any of us to do this alone. Life is a group effort, and we must do all that we can to be there for those on the opposite side of the road, because we never know if life will one day throw us on the other side.

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