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God is Eternal


Alice C. Bateman

Jesus is a young man in the Hierarchy of Heaven


Who could sculpt a mountain with His Hand?

Who build a crystal goblet out of sand?

Who teach the oceans how to reach the shore?

If God retired, and left to us this land.


This Planet that He's Given us

He Made with His Own Hands

As you would wield a hammer

Hold a paint brush, tend your land


Yes Jesus walked on water,

Healed the sick and raised the dead

Where did the life flow come from

That he placed upon their head?


It came from God The Father

Who just gets no respect

The One who made the Water

On which our Jesus stepped


The One who sent the energy

That let our Jesus heal

The energy that's here for us

If we would only feel


The Father is Eternal

He's been here for a long time

He thinks we need reminding

Of a quiet, peaceful time


The time spent in the Garden

Before the snake appeared

And introduced the concepts

Of sin and lust and greed


Seducing a young woman

With charm and guile and sleaze

Kind of like a salesman

Always trying to please


Seducing now the whole wide world

With pornography and smut

Killing unborn babies

This gate, it must be shut


There is a gate that's open

The gate into the lair

Of the ugly horned nameless one

The one who makes us swear


The one who, if you use his name

Will come into your space

Never, never say his name

Don't call to him your face


It's how he gathers power

From people calling him

It's how he gathers power

By making people sin


And we, if we should speak his name

We do invite him in

To pull his pranks and mischief

Within our own domain


But he does not have any power

Over life or death

He merely can harass us

With pain and failing health


But if we use the energy

That God has given us

We can begin to help ourselves

If we in God would trust


Hold your left palm toward Heaven

As if to catch the rain

Gently cup your fingers

A power you will gain


The channelling of energy

Is easy and its quick

You believe in electricity

Although you can't see it


Your right hand can distribute

The God's Light that you gain

You can safely use it

To try to help your pain


Try it, it might help you

And what is there to lose

Only pain and suffering

It is for you to choose


Sometimes I question the words that come out of my own head, because I myself am in very intense pain every single day – do I choose to be this way? I really doubt it…. Maybe the choice I meant is the choice to follow God or the adversary… My choice always has been and always will be God. Alice

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