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Anne Bellah


Mommy and Me at the Park

"Brent, you and I are going to the Park today."
"You can see all the animals and I'll let you play."
Says Mommy, as she kneels to take my hands
"You can swing on the swings and play in the sand."
She lifts me up and sets me in a chair
Then she puts on my shoes and combs my hair
I get excited as she fills the picnic basket
Peanut Butter sandwiches. Juices and snacks
What a wonderful day it will be
Just Mommy and me
"Mommy, Mommy! Can we feed the Ducks today?"
"Yes," Mommy says, "but only after you play."
I clap my hands. I couldn't wait!
"Okay, Brent, are you ready for a ride?"
She puts me in the stroller and packs everything inside
The off we go! To the Park to play
I laugh with excitement. Just Mommy and me - all day!
There's other Mommies out with their kids too
Heading to the Park to play and see the animals at the zoo
I slide down the slides and play in the sand
I'm having so much fun - and I clap my hands
Mommy is sitting on a bench watching me run
Talking to another Mommy as I play in the sun
I run to her and grab her hand
"Mommy, Mommy! Come swing me." as I tug on her hand
She laughs and says good-bye to the other Mommy
Then lifts me up to put me in the swing
I act like I'm an airplane up in the sky
I yell to Mommy, "Swing me high! Swing me high!"
Mommy plays with me while I'm on the swing
As I swing back to her - she tickles my knees
"Mommy, Mommy, I want down."
"Take me to play on the Merry-go-round!"
She picks me up - then sets me down
She runs with me to the Merry-go-round
She lets me get on with the other kids and I sit down
Then she pushes it so it goes 'round and 'round
I'm spinning, I'm spinning, like a top
I get dizzy and I want to stop
Mommy sees that I don't like it
And she grabs the bar so I can get off it
She picks me up and holds me 'til the world stops spinning
"Brent, are you hungry? Lets get something to eat."
We find a table where we can eat our food
Then Mommy says, "After we eat, we'll go to the zoo."
I clap my hands. Oh boy! The zoo! I couldn't wait
I like the Monkeys - but I was scared of the snakes
I watched as the Monkeys swung from branch to branch
I jumped up and down. I giggled and clapped my hands
We saw lions - and birds - and lizards - and snakes
And turtles - and Eww! - spiders, for goodness sakes
Then Mommy said, "Time to feed the Ducks now."
I clap my hands with excitement. "Feed the Ducks!" Oh wow
I loved to feed the Ducks and watch them gobble up the bread
They come from all over and quack and make noises just to be fed
When the bread was gone - Mommy said, "Time to go."
She put me in the stroller and we headed for home
I didn't mind. I felt tired and sleepy
What a wonderful day. Just Mommy and me
I laid back my head and kicked up my feet
Just Mommy and me. Then I fell fast asleep

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