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Will All Be Well


Alice C. Bateman

I found a land-man drifting

Through the water near my cave

I was wondering just what it was

The Earth above now gave


It seemed to be a man-thing

But I couldn't really tell

He was looking very frightened

As if he'd like to yell


But they can't breathe in the water

Only in our magic places

And only very special men

Have ever seen our faces


We are the water-dwellers

Or the Mermaids, as we're called

I had to help the man-thing

It seemed I was enthralled...


Something about this stranger's face

Drew me to his side

I took to him my ocean home

He took me for his bride


When I slipped off my swimming tail

And began to walk around -

Inside my home I need not swim

But walk on solid ground -


Well, I thought it comical

The happy grin he had

Because he was in love with me

Wanted to be a dad


But then our little baby boy

Could not breathe in the moisture

We had to send him up above

To be raised by his sister


He will be loved and sheltered

He looks just like my man

And soon his one sister will see

He's from her brother Dan...  

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