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God Made A Child Start


Alice C. Bateman

Iíve told you a hundred times in my head

A thousand times in my heart

Iím carrying your baby

God made a child start


I need to tell you in person

Before the entire world knows

My body is changing daily

Canít wear all my new tiny clothesÖ


I saw you this morning

My heart is still pounding

But no time

To tell you the news


My legs are still weak

My face is still flushed

And all from

Three minutes with you


But somebody else is always around

We donít get one minute to talk

We need to get out, maybe go for a coffee

Or even just go for a walk


The next time that I see you

Iím going to take your hand

And place it on my tummy

See if you understandÖ


I think that you will feel her

This child that is yours

That one night that we made love

We opened up the door


To create a child of beauty

To create a child of Love

And all we can do is thank Him

Who sent her from Above  

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