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An Eye For An Eye


Alex Caine

The old saying “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” was a comment made by Martin Luther King. I personally don’t have much in common with him except that I share his feelings with respect to this quote.

The events of one morning in particular remain imprinted in my mind. As I left the house that morning the trees looked like their roots were about to rip from the ground and disappear into the obscure sky. As I parked the car, leaves swirled all around as branches lanced the snow. Otherwise, it was a typical morning. Unfortunately, as I opened my door not paying attention to the huge gusts of wind, it swung into the door of the car next to me, leaving visible dent. I left a note on the car explaining that I would pay for the damage.

Everything seemed fine until the lunch bell rang. I took my usual path to my car which held my lunch. Although it was still afternoon the sky was dark as night. I didn’t even need my glasses to see the circumference of my car had been keyed. But worse than that, a top my car sat four somber looking guys. The car looked as if it was going to cave in from the weight. I didn’t want a confrontation of any kind.

“Please, I’m not looking for any trouble,” I said extremely monotone.

“If you even think of getting me back for this I will personally make sure you get it back a thousand times worse,” roared the leader of the gang. As I was about to plead with them, they got up and walked away.

It is at times like that we must look back at the old saying. In the end some people will always search for reasons to fight but sometimes you have to step back and let them get it out of their system. In the context of the saying, he took my eyes, but what would be the point of taking his. Taking his eyes wouldn’t make me a better person or help my life in anyway.

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