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Not a chance to regret


Aleah Gibson

A short while ago when life was simple and all that mattered was friends and having fun. There were two sisters that lived life just as gracefully as possible. There names were Carlie and Mary Jane they were liked by everyone but something just wasn't right. Carlie and Mary Jane were both cheerleaders and loved it with a passion. But one day the unexpected happened.

The sisters that were always the best of friends weren't so close and Mary Jane started arguing with her mom and little things like that. Well one day it just got out of hand the arguing and yelling. M.J. and her mom were going to cheerleading practice and were going at it pretty bad and her mom said the most hurtful thing to her "Mary Jane i can't believe the person you've become i want u out of my house and my life."

Those words pierced her heart so hard and so fast that she just plunged out of the car and down an embankment her mom stopped on a dime, yelling and praying she was okay. The car that was behind her saw the whole thing and happened to be a pastor, he got out and ran down the hill to find M.j.'s mom lying there holding her daughter helplessly yelling and screaming for her daughter to wake up " I love u sweetie wake up GOD PLEASE let her wake up i love her don't take her from me i need her god PLEASE."

The pastor walked over and called 911 and he began to pray, " Dear lord watch over this young lady bring her back we need her here don't take her away just yet." well the ambulance came and so did the helicopter they knew there was something seriously wrong. M.J.'s mom Gabrielle called Carlie from the hospital and had her rush right over. Carlie arrived and didn't even recognize her dear sister, so pale and bruised and filled with aggone her eyes began to water up. Then she asked " Is she gonna be okay." the doctor replied, "Carlie your sister is on life support and is unconscious the odds aren't good." Poor Carlie dropped to her knees and begged for her sister to wake up and be okay."

M.J. I need u want u here u gotta cheer with me be my brides maid at my wedding, throw me a baby shower when I'm expecting, M.J. its to soon don't go please i love you." and right then Mary Jane took her last breath. Word traveled fast and everyone was devastated friends, family, and even complete strangers. Mary Jane will always be remembered and loved. But u never know when its your time to go so try and be the best person you can be and don't so something in the heat of the moment u might not get a chance to regret it.

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