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Blood Red Sun


Alice C. Bateman

As I hung out the laundry
I looked up at the sky
I could not believe
What sight met my eye

A round blood red sun
A grey curtain of smoke
This couldn't be happening
As if God played a joke

But no, it was real
Our sun appeared red
And the thickness of smoke
Filled me with sudden dread

I thought of my family
Of our quaint little place
I thought of us leaving
Fires leaving no trace

I thought of the people
Who have seen this before
Thought of fires around us
Thought of nations at war

I thought of predictions
That the prophets have made
And wondered if we are
On the verge of the days

That will cleanse all this planet
And cleanse mankind's soul
That will release our Karma
From mankind's own soil

I pray for an outcome
That will see the most good
I pray for the people
Who all with God have stood

And I pray for the souls
That the devil is using
For lack of decision
For lack of firm choosing

Once more do I say
Declare "I work for God"
If you don't, you'll go down
Where no Angels have trod

Offer your life to Him
He who gave you this life
Pray for peace, pray for healing
Pray an end to all strife

We all need to work
On improving our selves
Before this old world
Takes the fast road to hell

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