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Likely To Get Burned


Alice C. Bateman

Iím just a ghost until you call

The ghost of me; that says it all

Iím just a wraith until I hear

That voice I cherish in my ear


I cannot work I cannot play

I feel Iím trapped again today

Inside a situation that holds us in its thrall

And every conversation is just about it all


We used to have a life before

And now each day is just a chore

A chunk of time we must endure

Oh please God help me find a cure


I have to let go of you or draw you closer in

I have been on hold for months donít know where to begin

We have to build a life again from somewhere in our heart

Yes our heart not mine; itís been yours from the start


Donít know if you really see the way I truly feel

But let me reassure you dear, this love is very real

So real its slowly killing me while youíre still trapped in there

I canít believe how lifeís turned out it just feels so unfair


What do I do let go or stay inside this situation

This loveís sometimes too big for me there seems no consolation

It hurts so much to love like this when it can't be returned

Hold your finger to the candle girl youíre likely to get burned

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