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September 11, 2001

The Day the World Changed

Below are links to works that have been contributed to the Writer's Voice.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire world throughout this time.

A Hurting City by Lindsey

A Renewed Patriot by Regina Calton Burchett

An American Tragedy by Scott R. Jones

War Claire by Randal

Combat the Savagery With Light by Jordan Thomas

God Calls Me by David Frazier

I Hold In My Hand by Kristen Lacoste

Infamy Again by Nicole Starleigh Yeager

Just Shooting Off Some Steam by Tom Tannehill

Love and Peace by Rusty Broadspear

My Beloved Soldier by Nicole Starleigh Yeager

Oh My Soldier by Alice C. Bateman

Patriotism by Scott R. Jones

Paper Towel by Karen {Zulu}

Peace by Alexander Palana

Remembering 9-11 as a Day of Prayer by Gregory J. Rummo

Snow in September Sabrina Beth Davi

September 11 by Elizabeth M. Hauptmann

September 11, 2001 by Alice C. Bateman

September Eleventh by Elaine Hughes

The Day of the Jolly Rancher by Lindsey

The Martyred by Elizabeth Maua Taylor

The Twins by Grayson Hicks

This Flag of Ours by Scott R. Jones

To My Protester Friends by Tom Tannehill

Together We Stand by Scott R. Jones

What's In A Name by Diana L. Lambson

Teacher, Where Are The Towers? by L Sailaja

An Old Railway Line by Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

We Sit Down In Tears by Tiffany Alfonso

21st Century Day by Dave

A Musical Memorial Reflecting The Mournful Morning by Tiffany Alfonso

The Day When all the Theme Parks Ran Empty  by Tiffany Alfonso

News Flash (Extra! Extra!)  by Tiffany Alfonso

MY DAY by B. Hopewell

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