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Ask For Prayer


Alice C. Bateman

We pray for all the souls at risk

Upon this spinning orb

We call upon the God we Love

To please their souls absorb


We call upon Eternal Light

To guide them safely home

And as the tears fall from my eyes

I need to write this poem


I cannot be there for everyone

The families as they suffer

I want to hold you close to me

To be for you a buffer


Between the cold hard truth of death

And the depths of the despair

That one we love can bring to us

When they're no longer there


We know their souls are joyful now

Their lights have been released

And yet we can't help but be sad

When loved ones are deceased


Please try to be Joyful

That God so needed them

To Help Him in his Heavenly Work

Just in the Other Realm


I cry for you, I hold your hand

I mourn with you, make tea

And be all of the earthly things

A loving heart can be


I try to bring you comfort

On this most painful day

But all that I can do from here

Is bow my head and pray


Dear God, please ease the suffering

Brought on by early death

Of loved ones passing from our lives

And leaving us bereft

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