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Oh My Soldier


Alice C. Bateman

I hear a disturbance outside my door 
Outside the door of my heart 
I hear a disturbance outside the door 
A knocking, a spreading apart 

I feel a disturbance inside my soul 
A restlessness brought on by you 
To fulfill a deep need to nurture your seed 
And build us a child, made of you 

Oh my Soldier, how I miss you 
How I long for one sweet touch 
Of my fingers on your soft sweet lips 
Oh, I love you, oh so much 

And tonight while you're away from me 
And not here in my arms 
I pray to God in Heaven 
That He keeps you safe from harm 

That there'll never be a bullet 
That bears your sacred name 
That there'll never live one person 
That means to cause you pain 

That there'll never be a candle 
That won't propel its light 
To slowly draw you homeward 
In deepest darkest night 

I Love You, my Beloved 
More and more and more 
I Love You, my Beloved 
You are welcome at my door

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