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Alisha Morgan

I'm not a mathematician that's for sure. Basic math -- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division -- that I can do. It's the hard stuff, the algebra I, algebra II and geometry, that I have issues with. There are so many formulas to remember, so many ways a seemingly simple problem can be solved.

Easily confusing me, I get combinations and permutations mixed up. Expansion of third-order determinants are just as easy as walking on water. And don't get me started on double-angle and half-angle problems!

It doesn't matter if I'm looking at fractions, decimals, integers, or positive whole numbers -- numbers just bore me to death. It is my lackluster outlook on math that's caused me to fail quiz and test after quiz and test.

Try as I may, and believe that I've tried, I cannot find polynomials or quadratic functions exciting. Instead, I'm stuck trying to remember what the quadratic formula is; hoping that I'm not getting it confused with another math formula.

Often I find myself wondering when graphing quadratic inequalities are going to show up in my future. I probably shouldn't get too far ahead of myself, though. I have a feeling that I'll be revisiting my numerical enemies in Adult Education this summer. If not then, then we will be reacquainted in a college remedial math course.

When will I be able to escape this mathematical hell that I'm in?

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