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Mind Games


Alice Sarmiento

I'm drowning in confusion,
I'm lost in this illusion,
I'm sick of this intrusion,
Deep inside my head

I'm kicking and I'm screaming,
I'm flying and I'm dreaming,
I'm crying and I'm beaming,
Wishing I were dead.

I'm hurting and I'm bleeding,
I'm crying and I'm pleading,
I'm lost and not succeeding,
With my dark heart full of dread.

I'm hurting and I'm stinging,
I'm falling yet I'm clinging,
My voice drowned out by ringing,
As I bleed my body red.

You've lost me though I'm looking,
Through this plot that you've been cooking,
With these thoughts that have been booking
A place inside my head

My body slowly hurting,
With tears that keep on squirting,
My fears and pains keep flirting,
My sanity has fled.

I feel one strong yearning,
With something that keeps turning,
This thought that keeps on burning,
About why I wish I'm dead.

I heard your voice that saved me,
It helped me while you paved me,
It was something you engraved in me,
That keeps me here today.

Though my life is still a pain,
I'm sure I'll lose but know I'll gain,
And though I feel I'll go insane,
I know with you I can't go stray.

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