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How It Is Today


Alice C. Bateman

Picture the bard of long ago 
They never worried about their clothes 
They were given their needs along the way 
Oh wait! That's how it is today 

I get my clothes for a dime on the dollar 
Or completely for free, given to me 
My rent is so low people just can't believe 
What I pay for this view that they all love to see 

God gives me presents time after time 
Like these two gold chains that are suddenly mine 
Lots of furniture, knickknacks galore
For a couple of dollars, or brought to my door 

There is so much more to this life than money 
The smile on a baby's face, the taste of wildflower honey 
The laughter of your children, when they're just having fun 
The beauty of a starry night when a busy day is done 

How have we lost sight of what is really real 
How came we to this plight of not knowing how to feel 
How did we become desensitized to blood and death and gore 
How did we win the battles, but fail to stop the war 

I thought this was a happy poem, but somehow it turned sad 
Because I let the world in, and much of it is bad 
We must maintain the positive, the good, the light, the way 
Try to keep them with us, every single day 

If we want to change the larger world, we must first change our own 
Declare ourselves a child of God, and then He must be shown 
We truly are committed to love this world he gave 
Where he has let us live since we crawled out of the cave 

We've really come so far, so fast, we barely can keep up 
To all the many changes, they overflow our cup 
But if we live a good life, with honour and with grace 
Then we can maybe tell ourselves, we've won the human race

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